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Allergic and other hypersensitivity reactions to foods and aeroallergens are characterized by elevated allergen-specific antibody levels in the affected individual’s blood. Research indicates that these types of reactions are implicated in a number of health problems. Through our Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) methodology we provide a useful tool for practitioners to assess their patients’ allergies and sensitivities to a variety of common allergens.

Our standard, curve based method for our semi-quantitative allergen-specific IgE ELISA is traceable to World Health Organization’s standards. These standards increase immunoassay sensitivity against a broad range of allergen concentrations allowing for the detection of minute levels of IgE antibodies in a serum specimen for accurate assay performance. This respect for global standards and attention to detail guarantees the highest quality antibody testing for patients.
For a comprehensive look at the body’s immune reaction to foods and inhalants, US BioTek Laboratories offers multiple antibody assays:

Antibody Assessment FAQ

What is a Food Allergy?
A food allergy is one type of Adverse Food Reaction that is mediated by the immune system. An adverse food reaction may comprise any symptom following the intake of a food. Symptoms may be any perceptible change in how we feel and/or function.
A Non-toxic food reactions can be immune- (i.e.: allergy) or non-immune-mediated. Immune-mediated reactions, or food allergies, are divided into IgE- and non-IgE reactions. US BioTek Laboratories’ FOODStats ELISA quantifies immune-mediated adverse reactions to foods.

What is an allergen?
A food that causes an allergic reaction is known as a food allergen. An inhalant such as ragweed that causes allergic rhinitis is known as an inhalant allergen, or aeroallergen. Individuals have different sensitivities to allergens; allergens do not affect all individuals the same.

Are there any food restrictions prior to testing?
No. It is advised to maintain usual dietary habits, consuming a variety of foods when possible.

What are the age restrictions for testing?
There is no under age limit. US BioTek’s antibody assays are suitable for 6 months of age and older. Our food-specific IgA panel is not suitable for breast-fed infants.

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